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Bitcoin casinos are on the rise and the truth is that this trend will be sustained for a long time, provided that cryptocurrencies continue to offer unique advantages and benefits and that the demand for bitcoin skyrockets. In fact today it is impossible to have a precise view of the crypto gambling site lists or the exact market size, because there is an ever increasing rate of bitcoin casino development – both legitimate and fake ones.

What further perplexes the situation is that there are not only the exclusive bitcoin casinos, but there are the more conventional online gambling sites which are beginning to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, becoming in this way crypto-friendly platforms that are added to the already big list.

Entrepreneurs and investors are showing great interest in bitcoin casinos and this is only natural, considering their appeal and success to gamblers.

But what does it take to create an online bitcoin casino? Here are the basic steps required to start a bitcoin gambling site:

Perform Market Research and Prepare a Business Plan
First of all, to make a bitcoin casino you need to do a lot of market research, analysis and of course you need to prepare a business plan, whether this is a robust one or a brief one. A business plan is the backbone to the development of any new entrepreneurial action and it is really helpful in breaking down the areas of interest and the areas of attention when thinking of starting a bitcoin gambling site.

Software Development
The bitcoin casino requires software development, whether you want to expand an existing online casino’s operations into crypto gambling or you want to create a new bitcoin gambling site. Software is quite clearly the most critical component of the entire process and its development needs to be done carefully.

At the moment there are plenty of developers you can rely on for a quality, trustworthy, reliable and credible software that will run the bitcoin casino. Keep in mind that the software is at the heart of the operations, so it is very important to place a lot of emphasis and thought on the vendors.

Note that there is a different software required for an already existing online casino that wants to expand to the crypto market and a different one required for an exclusively bitcoin casino, even if this occasionally accepts payments in fiat currencies.

Design of Features
Once you select the software vendor, the next step in the process of creating a bitcoin casino is the decision over its features. It is these features that will essentially make your platform a competitive one. You should decide, for example, whether the site will feature live games, real-time chats, dual crypto and fiat currency transactions, compatibility across browsers and devices and many, many more.

Game Selection
Obviously you need to choose the games for the bitcoin casino, because running an extensive list of games is not feasible right from the start. Software developers and software management vendors offer a wide range of games from which you can choose those that suit best your market research results – what is more likely to be a hit among your target markets!

Invest in Marketing
Once the bitcoin casino is created, it needs to be promoted and marketed to reach as many potential customers as possible. Here comes the role of marketing, which is central, because there are so many different crypto gambling sites out there that you can literally get lost without the right mix. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing and don’t undervalue the role of an effective promotional and communications strategy, that can boost visibility and awareness.

Right there, you have all the basic steps outlining how to create a bitcoin casino. An appealing and attractive market, though a highly challenging and difficult industry at the same time.

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