EM – EYE MOTION is providing gaming solutions( slot machines ) to the online casino operators and land based casinos. EM – EYE MOTION was founded in 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia.

Our team have working experience with game devices like Microsoft Kinect V1, V2 Development Kit, Oculus Rift V1, V2 Development Kit, CardBoard V1, V2, Tobii EyeX Development Kit, Emotiv EPOC Brain Computer and also with mobile devices ( Windows 10 mobile, Android, IOS).

Since studio was founded, we had realized a lot of projects of ours and other companies. Now we are concentrated on our projects, they are:

Play And Learn for android devices, which are available in Google Play and Amazon.

One of our firsts is “Your Digital Eye Care”, which is now temporarily stopped. It is a game-exercise for eye care and sight exercises too.
Car Driving with Microsoft Kinect, Cave Virtual Reality, Human Monitoring with 4 devices – Microsoft Kinect, Brain Computer, Eye Tracking and Microsoft Band devices.

Bowling with Kinect, which will be available soon.

Now we are working to develop the game “Beating Slot”, which is considered to be a part of our project ( www.crosscasino.com ). The alpha version of Beating Slot is available in Windows 10 Store.